Kopinor Development Fund

When foreign works are copied, it is sometimes impossible to identify their country of origin. In these cases, the remuneration claimed is deposited in Kopinor's Development Fund.

When foreign works are copied, it is sometimes impossible to identify their country of origin. In these cases, the remuneration claimed is deposited in Kopinor's Development Fund.

The funds that accrue there can be spent on Kopinor’s activities to benefit rightsholders in other countries, for work aimed at obtaining reciprocal agreements, and to support copyright-related efforts on behalf of rightsholders at the international level, including the establishment of national reproduction rights organizations (RROs).

Applications to Kopinor's development fund

In Norway collected remuneration is distributed on a non-title specific basis to authors and publishers at home and abroad. Through statistical surveys the origins of copied works are identified as to type of work, type of publication and country of origin. Remuneration pertaining to works and publications where country of origin cannot be identified, is set aside to the benefit of foreign rightsholders in Kopinor’s Development Fund. 

  • By rightsholder we understand authors and publishers of works which have been published.
  • By author is understood writers, including journalists, visual artists, illustrators, photographers, composers, translators etc.
  • By publisher is understood publishers of books, journals, sheet music, newspapers, magazines, specialised press etc.  

Who can apply and to whom?

National, regional and international associations of authors and associations of publishers can apply for funds from the fund through the relevant member association of Kopinor.

Reproduction rights organisations, copyright collecting societies and other bodies representing both authors and publishers, or governmental bodies serving general rightsholder needs, can apply for funds directly to Kopinor (see below). 

For what purpose?

Applications for funds can be made for the following purposes: Activities (in other countries than Norway) to the benefit of the copyright interests of authors and/or publishers, including projects (e.g. seminars, conferences) aiming at organising rightsholders in authors' and publishers' associations, and in collective rights management bodies (e.g. start-up costs for such associations and bodies). 


Applications must be in Norwegian or English. 

An application must contain 

  • a project description and
  • a detailed budget with explanation of cost estimates, giving figures in the domestic currency as well as in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

The applicant must also include information on 

  • the name and address of the applicant's bank account, with all necessary banking details (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC etc.) for wire transfer,
  • address of bank,
  • name and address of licensed auditor and
  • the applicant's financial year.  

The applicant should also confirm that upon completion 

  • a project report and
  • audited project accounts  

will be forwarded to Kopinor or its relevant member association, and that the applicant's 

  • annual report and
  • audited accounts

for the financial year(s) in which the project has been implemented after approval by the applicant's Annual or Special General Meeting will be forwarded likewise.

The applicant is in most cases expected to contribute financially with a minimum of 10 % of the total cost of the activity in cash or kind.

Project plan

In the event of an extensive project over e.g. two to three years, Kopinor foresees a detailed project plan including milestones.

Processing of applications

Applications should be forwarded to either one of Kopinor's member associations or Kopinor no later than six months before the commencement of the activity for which the application is made.