Legal copying– simple and easy

Kopinor licences the use of copyright protected workson behalf of authors and publishers.The remuneration is distributed to the rightsholders.

Representing authors and publishers

Kopinor represents copyright holders of published works through 22 member organisations: 5 publishers' associations and 17 authors' associations.

  • By law or through bilateral agreements with Reproduction Rights Organisations in other countries, Kopinor also represents foreign rightsholders.
  • Kopinor is empowered by its member organisations to negotiate and conclude collective agreements on photocopying and digital uses of copyright protected works in all areas of society.
  • In 2017, Kopinor distributed NOK 280 million to Norwegian and foreign rightsholders.

Respect copyright – 
encourage creativity!


A cycle which benefits all of society

Kopinor offers licences for the use of copyright protected works, on behalf of authors and publishers. The remuneration is distributed to rightsholders in Norway and abroad. This is a cycle which benefits all of society.