Individual remuneration

A part of the remuneration is paid out directly to the individual rightsholder. Here is an overview of the different sources of this remuneration.

Public exams

Kopinor and the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training have signed an agreement for the use of published works at exams. The right to use these works is based upon a legal licence under the Norwegian Copyright Act (§ 46).

The agreement covers public exams and national tests administrated by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training for primary and secondary schools as well as adult learning institutions.

Audio books

Kopinor distributes remuneration from a public compensation scheme for the lending of audio books to people with print disabilities.

National Library

The Norwegian National Library runs the Bookshelf service, based on an agreement with Kopinor. Through this service, Norwegian books published up to and including the year 2005 are made available online for users with a Norwegian IP address. Books under copyright protection are not available for downloading or printouts. The agreement allows for individual books to be removed from the Bookshelf at the rightsholder’s request.

The remuneration for this use is calculated on the basis of the number of pages made available, and it is paid out directly to authors and publishers. The remuneration to translators and visual creators is distributed collectively. 

Remuneration from Bolk and Skaff

As a rule, remuneration for the use of works in Bolk (digital course material in higher education) is distributed individually.

Kopinor facilitates rights clearance for copying outside the scope of the Kopinor licence, based on authorisation from the individual rightsholder. Kopinor also clears the rights for on demand publishing through the Skaff service.

Remuneration from abroad

Kopinor has bilateral agreements with a number of foreign reproduction rights organisations. These agreements authorise Kopinor to pay out remuneration claimed abroad to Norwegian rightsholders.

When the received remuneration is accompanied by individual distribution data, it is paid out to the rightsholders individually. In other cases, it is distributed collectively to Kopinor's member organisations.


  • Susanne Levin Senior Executive Officer, Distribution
    Email: Phone: 23 10 74 30
  • Jørn Smedslund Executive Officer, Support Skaff
    Email: Phone: 23 10 74 44