Member organisations

Kopinor represents copyright holders of published works through 22 member organisations - 5 publishers' associations and 17 authors' associations.

Kopinor is empowered by its member organisations to negotiate and conclude collective agreements on photocopying and digital uses of copyright protected works in all areas of society.

Through bilateral agreements with Reproduction Rights Organisations in other countries, and supported by the Extended Collective Licence, Kopinor also represents foreign rightsholders.

Authors' associations


The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers' and Translators' Association
The Norwegian Authors' Union
The Norwegian Association of Literary Translators
Norwegian Writers for Children

Writers' Guild of Norway
Norwegian Comedy Writers' Association


The Norwegian Union of Journalists
The Associaton of Norwegian Editors
Norwegian Critics' Association


NOPA – Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists
The Norwegian Society of Composers
New Music Composers' Group

Visual arts

The Associaton of Norwegian Visual Artists
GRAFILL - Norwegian Organisation for Visual Communication
The Norwegian Association of Professional Photographers
The Norwegian Association of Fine Arts Photographers
Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts

Publishers' associations

The Norwegian Publishers' Association
The Norwegian Music Publishers' Association
Norwegian Media Businesses' Association
The Norwegian Specialized Press Association
Norwegian Association of the Perodical Press