Distribution of remuneration

Kopinor enters into agreements on behalf of Norwegian and foreign rightsholders. After deduction of management fees, all collected remuneration is paid out to the rightsholders.

The remuneration is distributed and paid out according to internal rules set by the Council of Representatives. The rules differentiate between three types of remuneration:

1. Remuneration to Norwegian rightsholders, individual data

When the rightsholder is identified, the remuneration will be distributed individually by Kopinor. This includes remuneration from public exams, audio books, National library, Bolk and Skaff, and some of the remuneration from abroad.

2. Remuneration to categories of Norwegian rightsholders

When rightsholders are not identified, the remuneration will be distributed to Kopinor's member organisations based on distribution agreements.

3 Remuneration to foreign and Sámi rightsholders

Funds collected for foreign rightsholders are transferred to foreign organisations, according to representation agreements made with these. Funds collected for Sámi rightsholders will be transferred to the organisation Sámikopiija through a separate agreement.

Management fees

Kopinor makes deductions in respect of management fees. Details can be found here: