Remuneration to rightsholders abroad

In accordance with bilateral agreements, Kopinor transfers funds to foreign Reproduction Rights Organisations and other organisations of rightsholders on a yearly basis. The funds consist of remuneration for paper copies and digital copies and use in so far as such activities are covered by the licensing agreements.

Distribution of remuneration

Title specific remuneration

Individual remuneration to foreign nationals is based on usage information and distributed through the relevant organisation, accompanied by detailed information about rightsholders and works. The organisation is responsible for the payment to the rightsholder.

Non-title specific remuneration

Kopinor mainly collects fees on a non-title specific, collective basis. They are distributed through relevant authors’ and publishers’ associations in Norway, and – in accordance with bilateral agreements – to foreign organisations of rightsholders.

Licensing areas
The funds originate from different licensing areas. The three main areas are

  • Schools
    Primary and secondary education
  • Higher education
    Universities and university colleges
  • Administration and business
    State and local government, organisations, and business

There are also some smaller licensing areas (churches, adult education, municipal culture schools, and orchestras and choirs).

Statistical surveys and documentation
To facilitate the collection and distribution of the fees to the different categories of rightsholders, Kopinor conducts statistical surveys through independent consultancies. For distribution, the surveys estimate for each licensing area:

  • the breakdown among the various categories of sources and types of materials
  • the breakdown between Norwegian and foreign materials, and between different countries

When distributing the funds, Kopinor supplies data on the relevant licensing areas. More detailed data of content and publication types may be available upon request.

Extended collective licence

Based on the Extended collective licence in the Norwegian Copyright Act Kopinor also collects fees on behalf of Norwegian and foreign rightsholders not represented by Kopinor or our foreign partners.

When such non-title specific funds shall be distributed, rightsholders not represented must be given equal treatment to those who are directly represented within the scheme. Section 64 in the Copyright Act gives some guidelines (unofficial translation):

In connection with the use of works pursuant to § 63, whatever the agreement, the remuneration tribunal or the organisation receiving the remuneration for that use decides regarding the collection and distribution of remuneration, shall also be binding for the creators not represented by the organisation. Non-member creators shall have the same rights as creators who are members of organisations to share in the funds and benefits that are distributed or largely financed from the remuneration.

Notwithstanding the provision in the first paragraph, non-member creators who can substantiate that their work has been used pursuant to § 63 may require that the remuneration for that use be paid to them. Such a claim must be made within three years after the expiry of the year the use took place and may only be directed to such organisation which pursuant to § 63 has collected remuneration. Either party may request that the amount of the remuneration be determined pursuant to regulations laid down by the Ministry.

If Kopinor has paid out remuneration to a foreign individual rightsholder according to the last paragraph, we will claim redress, or hold back funds from the next transfer of funds, from our RRO partner in that same country.

Bilateral agreements

An updated list of Kopinor’s agreements with other RROs can be found here:

Management fees

Kopinor makes deductions in respect of management fees. Details can be found here:

More information

Kopinor's distribution system is based on principles set by the Council of Representatives:


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