Foreign rightsholders

Foreign rightsholders receive remuneration according to bilateral agreements between Kopinor and other collective management organisations.


Exchange of rights and payment of remuneration.

  • Argentina: Centro de Administración de Derechos Reprográficos, Asociación Civil (CADRA)
  • Australia: Copyright Agency
  • Belgium: Reprobel
  • Canada: Access Copyright, The Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency and Copibec
  • Denmark: Copydan Writing
  • Finland: Kopiosto
  • Frankrike: Centre Français d'Exploitation du Droit de Copie (CFC)
  • Germany: VG Bild-Kunst, VG Musikedition and VG Wort
  • Iceland: Fjölís
  • India: Indian Reprographic Rights Organisation (IRRO)
  • Ireland: Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA)
  • Italy: Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE) and Centro Licenze e Autorizzazioni per le Riproduzioni Editoriali (EDISER)
  • Jamaica: Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (JAMCOPY)
  • Netherlands: Stichting Reprorecht
  • Poland: The Association of Copyright Collective Administration for Authors of Scientific and Technical Works (KOPIPOL)
  • Russia: Копирус – CopyRus
  • Singapore: The Copyright Licensing & Administration Society of Singapore Ltd (CLASS)
  • South Africa: Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO)
  • Spain: Centro Español de Derechos Reprográficos (CEDRO)
  • Sweden: Bonus Copyright Access
  • United Kingdom: Copyright Licensing Agency, Ltd. (CLA) and NLA media access
  • USA: Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC)


Exchange of rights; the remuneration stays in the country of accrual.

  • Austria: Literar-Mechana
  • Colombia: Colombian Center of Reprographic Rights (CDR)
  • Czech Republic: DILIA - Theatrical, Literary and Audiovisual Agency and Ochranná organizace autorská (OOA-S)
  • Faroe Islands: Fjölrit
  • Georgia: Georgian Copyright Association (GCA)
  • Greece: Greek Collecting Society for Literary Works (OSDEL) and Greek Collecting Society for Works of Visual Arts (OSDEETE)
  • Hongkong: Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS)
  • Hungary: Hungarian Alliance of Reprographic Rights (HARR)
  • Kenya: Kopiken
  • Malawi: Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA)
  • Mauritius: Mauritius Society of Authors (MASA)
  • Mexico: Centro Mexicano de Protección y Fomento de los Derechos de Autor (CeMPro)
  • New Zealand: Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ)
  • Slovenia: Slovenska avtorska in založniška organizacija za pravice reproduciranja (SAZOR)
  • South Korea: Korea Literature, Academic works and Art Copyright Association (KOLAA)
  • Switzerland: Pro Litteris
  • Uganda: Uganda Reproduction Rights Organisation (URRO)
  • Vietnam: The Vietnamese Reproduction Rights Organization (VIETRRO)
  • Zambia: Zambia Reprographic Rights Society (ZARRSO)
  • Zimbabwe: ZimCopy

Other bilateral agreements

Authorisations and agreements on the transfer of remuneration.

  • Netherlands: Stichting LIRA
  • Nigeria: Repronig
  • United Kingdom: Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), The Ivors Academy and Music Publishers Association (MPA)
  • USA: Music Publishers' Association (MPA)

Countries without bilateral agreements

Remuneration to rightsholders in countries with no bilateral agreements is kept in separate accounts for 3 years after the year of collection. After 3 years it is transferred to Kopinor’s Development Fund (2/3) and domestic distribution (1/3).

If the country of origin of the copied work is impossible to identify, the remuneration claimed is deposited in Kopinor Development Fund.

Read more about Kopinors Development Fund


  • Hege Døssland Director of Licensing
    Email: Phone: 23 10 74 54 | 924 59 622