Extended collective licence

For some types of use, it is difficult for the user to enter into agreements with all rightsholders involved. In such cases, the extended collective licensing solution gives the user access to a copyright protected repertoire through one single agreement.

When a licensing agreement has been concluded between a user and an organisation of rightsholders, it is by law given an extended effect, so that it also covers rightsholders not represented by the organisastion.

The licensing scheme must fulfil certain conditions:

  • The organisation must represent a substantial number of the creators of the category of works in question and be suited to the management of rights in their field.
  • When fees are distributed, rightsholders not represented must be given equal treatment to those who are directly represented within the scheme.

The Norwegian Copyright Act authorises the extended collective licensing in different types of uses:

  • copying and broadcast fixation for educational use (§ 46)
  • copying and broadcast fixation within institutions and enterprises (§ 47)
  • copying and making available in archives, libraries and museums (§ 50)
  • use of works in the audiovisual field (§ 57)

In addition to these cases, the Copyright Act stipulates the use of the extended collective licence in other, more limited, licensing agreements (§ 63).

Kopinor licences

Kopinor's licensing agreements are supported by the extended collective licence and give access to the copying from all Norwegian and foreign works. The license agreement for the Bookshelf project (National Library) is also supported by the extended collective licence, but is limited to the use of books published in Norway.


  • Hege Døssland Director of Licensing
    Email: hd@kopinor.no Phone: 23 10 74 54 | 924 59 622