Kopinor has negotiated and concluded reproduction agreements in all areas of society.

The Kopinor licence

The Kopinor licence gives the right to make photocopies, printouts and (with some exceptions) digital copies without tracing the rightsholders and obtaining their permission. The user may:

  • make photocopies from books, newspapers and magazines, journals etc.
  • scan and digitally store printed material
  • copy and store digital material on Learning Management Systems, on single computers, memory sticks, etc.
  • store and use digital material on screens and digital boards
  • send material by e-mail to students and colleagues at your institution
  • print out from digital material

Some of the licenses have various exceptions regarding digital copying.

Kopinor's licensing agreements are supported by the Extended collective licence and give access to the copying from all Norwegian and foreign works.

Read more about the Extended collective licence

Bookshelf Contract

The National Library (Bookshelf) contract is another type of licence. Books from the entire twentieth century, as well as the year 2000, are made available on the National Library of Norway’s web site for users with Norwegian IP addresses.