Business licence

With the Kopinor licence, employees may make photocopies, printouts and digital copies without obtaining permission from the rightsholders.

The licence gives the right to copy from all published material – Norwegian or foreign – like books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc., as well as internet content. The author shall be named, and the title and source of the work shall be stated.

The licence does not cover the copying of audio and audiovisual works, computer software or games, or original works of visual art and photographs, etc.

The Kopinor licence covers internal uses, and digital copies may not be made available on open websites. Reproduction shall not replace, but be a supplement to, the purchase of published material.

Extent of reproduction

  • Books: Up to 15% of an individual book (or an entire chapter or similar unit) may be reproduced.
  • Scientific journals (from one single issue): Up to two articles, but not more than 25 % of the pages. Accepted licence terms for digital products must be respected.

There are no limitations on the extent of reproduction from other periodical publications such as newspapers, weekly periodicals, and cultural and professional journals. The same applies for material published on open websites. There are special regulations for the copying of sheet music.

Remember to name the author and to state the title and source of the work on the copy or during a presentation.

Need a licence?

Kopinor has negotiated licence terms with business confederations, e.g. the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry (NHO), the Employers' Association Spekter and the Norwegian Financial Services Association.

Kopinor also licenses individual enterprises, organisations and institutions not affiliated with these main confederations.


  • Julie Eng Grønlie Senior Executive Officer, Licensing
    Email: Phone: 23 10 74 49
  • Ida Lillefjære Senior Executive Officer, Licensing
    Email: Phone: 23 10 74 46