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Kopinor represents copyright holders of published works through 22 member organisations - 5 publishers' associations and 17 authors' associations.

  • By law or through bilateral agreements with Reproduction Rights Organisations in other countries, Kopinor also represents foreign rightsholders.
  • Kopinor is empowered by its member organisations to negotiate and conclude collective agreements on photocopying and digital uses of copyright protected works in all areas of society.
  • In 2013, Kopinor distributed NOK 262 million to Norwegian and foreign rightsholders.

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Universities and colleges


A new Higher education licence was introduced in 2014. The licence now includes digital coursepacks, and the coursepack service Bolk will be available for all Norwegian universities and colleges.

Bolk – Kopinor's coursepack delivery service

Bolk-brosjyre publishers

Bolk is a brand new one-stop-shop that will offer coursepacks to the Norwegian Higher Education sector. With the service, tailoring course packs will be faster, easier and perhaps even fun.


Online access to Norwegian literature from the entire 20th century

29 August 2012
Signing of the Bookshelf contract: National librarian Vigdis Moe Skarstein and Kopinor's Executive Director Yngve Slettholm.

The National Library of Norway and Kopinor signed an agreement on August 28th for the permanent continuation of the digital Bookshelf. As a result, 250 000 books from the entire 20th century will become accessible online.

A changing organisation in a changing world

23 December 2011
Kopinornews 2011

Read Kopinor News 2011, our year-end summary of Kopinor activities.