Higher education

The Kopinor licence gives students and employees the right to make photocopies, printouts and digital copies without obtaining permission from the rightsholders.

The licence is based on an agreement between Kopinor and the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions. It gives the right to copy from all published material – Norwegian or foreign – like books, journals, magazines, newspapers etc., as well as internet content. The author shall be named, and the title and source of the work shall be stated.

The licence does not cover the copying of audio and audiovisual works, computer software or games, or original works of visual art and photographs, etc.

The Kopinor licence covers internal uses, and digital copies may not be made available on open websites. Reproduction shall not replace, but be a supplement to, the purchase of published material.

Extent of reproduction

(Students and course participants)

  • Books: Up to 15% of the total number of pages.
  • Scientific journals (from one individual issue): Up to one article. Accepted licence terms for digital products must be respected.

There are no limitations on the extent of reproduction from other periodical publications such as newspapers, weekly periodicals, and cultural and professional journals. The same applies for material published on open websites. For the copying of sheet music, see the licence agreement.

If the book extract exceeds 15 % of the total number of pages, special permission must be obtained. See below (Copying outside licence limitations).

Book extracts

Curriculums and other necessary learning materials in the form of book extracts which are copied and made available to students and course participants, digitally or printed, including in the form of coursepacks, shall be registered in Kopinor's digital solution Bolk for clearance. The institution may download relevant content files in connection with registration in Bolk, provided that such files are available in the Bolk content database.

The material may be used by the students and course participants for whom the material has been developed, in the formats and on the platforms desired by the student.

Copyright notice

When using Bolk, all material is marked automatically with a copyright notice. Institutions that create course material outside Bolk must be aware of the regulations for such notices. Kopinor may ask for materials to be sent for control.

Copying outside licence limitations

If an extract exceeds 15 % of the total number of pages, a permission must be obtained from the relevant rightsholders. The whole extract will be paid for according to the price set by the rightsholder. If the institution so requests, Bolk can be used for such clearance. Many rightsholders have already authorised extended use through the solution, otherwise a special request is sent to the rightsholder.

The price of extended rights clearance is displayed when an order is submitted, and the institution will be invoiced separately.


Bolk is Kopinor's solution for the registration of book extracts according to the licence agreement. If the institution so requests, Bolk can also be used for the compilation and production of coursepacks and the rights clearance for reproduction outside licence limitations.

For further information and support, go to the Bolk website


The remuneration paid by the institution covers all reproduction within the limitation of the licence, including book extracts registered for clearance in Bolk.

The remuneration is subsequently paid out to authors, publishers and other rightsholders, individually or through their organisations. The remuneration is payment for use and contributes at the same time to the creation and publication of new  works.

The licence